1 Stop Shopping For Services, Products And Supplies For Your Computer Needs
One Stop Service, Products and Supplies For your Computer Needs
Small Business Owners & Individual Users:

Forget Dealing With Arrogant Techno-Weenies Who Are Impossible To Reach When You need Them, Miss Appointments, And Who Make You Feel Stupid Because You Don't Understand "Geek Speak"...

  We'll Respond To Your Printer, Computer Or Laptop Problem Within 4 Hours Or Less - Guaranteed - AND We'll Talk To You In Plain-English About Your Printer, Computer Or Laptop Problem

From The Desk of: Wade Wong
President, Computronix

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

It is not surprise that most of the technicians and repair shops out there are not reliable and arrogant.

When you need help, you always talk to voice mail. When you need someone to do repair, they will never be on time or even show up at all. Worst of all, they act like THEY are doing YOU a favor..

Enough Is Enough!

I finally decided to make a change for the repair industry. Our company will start a "One Company Revolution"  and commit ourselves to delivery fast, affordable service from our technicians that are professional, courteous and reliable.. In addition to the above promises, Our company will commit the following promises to our loyal customers :

1Offer FREE LABOR for life on our printer repair program. Click Here
2Buy computer peripherals from us AT OUR COST.   Click Here
3We'll present a BIG PICTURE of the repair and educate customers so they              can make good decision based on the CHOICES we provide
4We'll offer FREE 10 minutes troubleshooting and repair consulting over the               phone. We find that 30% of the time we can resolve the problem and costs               nothing to the customer.

         Click here to see a sample of the "Prevent `17" report

We offer this service ($75 value for each printer) as a free gift to all prospective customers so they can get to know us better without any cost, risk or obligation on their part. 


Wade Wong
President, Computronix

P.S. Please check out all our free reports and guides in our Free Stuff section.  There are many tips on how to save Time, Save Money, And Prevent Problem on your computers, printers and supplies.

Before you hire any company to repair your  printer

It is critical that you get and read this consumer awareness guide: "5 Little-Known Ways To Save Money And Avoid Costly Repair Bills For Printers"  We'll reveal insider secrets your overpriced repair shop doesn't want you to know! To get a copy of this free guide.  Click Here

" The other so called authorized service  center technicians told me I have to replace the motherboard in my HP laptop for over $900. After you talked to me on the phone, I paid only $295.70 total to your company to do a down to component level repair. Thanks for saving. By the way, The guy ( Sorry I didn't ask for his name) on the phone is very patient and knowledgeable. "

S. Virk,  San Pablo, CA

"I was first a little bit worry to send out my customer's laptop to your company for repair. .......I received the laptop yesterday morning and I have turned on the laptop since then. The laptop is running perfectly without any problem.  I'll send more laptops to you in the future. I highly recommended other out of state dealers to use your service."

V. Anchante,  Oklahoma city, OK

" Your technician told me the toner cartridge caused the problem and damaged the printer. At first, our toner cartridge supplier denied the problem. After I presented your evidence to them, they finally agreed to pay for the repair..... Thanks for educating us on toner cartridge and printers."

E Gallerado, Vallejo, CA

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Demand !

Before you let someone to repair your printer, make sure they meet the following characteristics: "6 Critical Characteristics You Should Demand From Your Printer Repair Guy Or Shop"
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If You Need To Send Your Laptop For  Repair

It is important to ask this "11 questions on how to select a good laptop repair company"  We'll show you the correct answers you should looking for so you won't give the laptop repair to a wrong company. To get your free copy,     Click Here
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